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About Us

Stuff of Dreams - a contemporary, stylish and diverse range of gifts, jewellery and homeware, globally sourced, often handmade and always different.

Stuff of Dreams was set up in 2012 with the aim of sourcing products that reflect good, functional design, that are different and often not readily accessible. Our search is driven by a fascination for the inspired use of material and technique, new and old, to fashion the beautiful out of the practical.

We try to provide a product that reflects intrinsically good design, a simple elegance and the bold use of shape and colour. A large proportion of our stuff and all of our own products are handmade and this gives them a unique, exceptional and exclusive flavour. We hope that you will discover in each of them a depth in design and a knowledge of craft that is unattainable in the mass-produced. It is a prime concern that all of our products are created from well-sourced materials in a sound environment.

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